Drama Tops, this is for you

Jan 28-30 / 7:30pm
Washington Hall 153 14th Ave in the Central District
Tickets $25 Standard / $15 Subsidized 


In Drama Tops, this is for you, Elby Brosch, a trans masculine dancer and choreographer, tells his story through duets with a non binary dancer, Jordan Macintosh-Hougham, and a cis man, Shane Donohue. Toxic masculinity is splayed open and gutted using queer humor. The potential beauty of masculinity is revealed through tenderness and empathy. Past, present, and future are woven together with strands of memory and longing. Identity is embodied through relationships between parts of a whole. 

Creator and Performer: Elby Brosch

Co-Director: BenDeLaCreme

Co-Choreographer and Performer: Shane Donohue

Performer: Jordan Macintosh-Hougham

Creative Producer: Tonya Lockyer

Lighting Designer: Amiya Brown 

Graphic Designer: Cody Volk

Photographer: Dillon Webster

Front of House Manager: Christian Swacker

Special Thanks to

Velocity Dance Center for their Creative Residency and the support of the entire staff.

Major Donors including John Robinson and Case van Rij 

Oola Distillery for their generous donation of mocktails.

Kaladi Brothers Coffee for their generous donation of coffee for the cast and crew.

Intiman Theater for loaning some essential items. 

BenDeLaCreme for devoting so much to this project, pushing me, supporting me, and believing in me. 

Tonya Lockyer for setting me on a path to success, always encouraging me to be vulnerable and take risks, and supporting me along the way.

Shane Donohue for helping me with every aspect of this project, being such a supportive friend, and being an incredibly generous dancer. 

Jordan Macintosh-Hougham for sharing so much of themself in this process. 

Drama Tops Summer Party Volunteers: Kiki Sonoflars, Emmett Stanfield, Erin McCarthy, and Christian Swacker

Squishy Xmas Babies for their promotional and emotional support.


Drama Tops was born with the artistic partnership of Elby Brosch and Shane Donohue. They began making work together three years ago with the creation of a solo on two bodies. The dynamic between their trans body and cis body has created beautiful moments of frustration, competition, tenderness, and comedy. Jordan Macintosh-Hougham, a non-binary dancer, has recently joined Drama Tops rounding out expression, perspective, and dynamism. The Drama Tops blends the worlds of nightlife and concert modern dance. Brosch brings years of experience performing with drag and nightlife legends, BenDeLaCreme, Scott Shoemaker, Cherdonna, and Lou Henry Hoover, combined with his life long ballet and modern dance training, to create an interesting and unique blend of accessible, funny modern dance. You may have seen the Drama Tops perform at On the Boards in Northwest New Works, Velocity in Fall Kick Off the past 2 years, at Kremwerk in Family Meal and Catharsis, in Heels! At Cha Cha, and at a pop up party at Photon Factory. 

Elby Brosch (he/him) began dancing at age 10 when his mom signed him up for take ballet class. Dance quickly became a safe haven, a way to connect to a body that felt hard to understand. As gender became confusing, movement became clear. He gained control and intimacy with his body, and learned to process emotion and trauma through movement. Dance has become a vital part of his existence. Now, he choreographs to build connections and understandings from a marginalized view point to greater community. He distills the trans experience down to what makes us human and offers that to his audiences. He presented his work at On The Boards in Northwest New Works, at Velocity in a co-produced show, This That & The Other, and in Velocity produced shows, Fall Kick Off, and Next Fest Northwest. Seattle International Dance Festival and Mo-Wave also presented his work.

Shane Donohue (he/him) is a Seattle based dance artist currently working with zoe | juniper as a dancer and rehearsal director. He has set work with, and for, Zoe Scofield at the University of Washington, Strictly Seattle, and Whim W’him. He is co-choreographer with the Drama Tops under direction of Elby Brosch. He also works as an artistic collaborator and performer with Kim Lusk, Kinesis Project, Scott Shoemaker’s “:PROBED”, and BenDeLaCreme and Jinkx Monsoon’s “All I Want for Christmas is Attention.” Shane has been a Creative Resident at Velocity Dance Center has professionally performed works by Kinesis Project, Kate Wallich, David Harvey, and holds a degree in dance from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.

Jordan Macintosh-Hougham (they/them) graduated from Bennington College in 2016 and are currently based in Seattle. By hybridizing their experience with dance and video, and actively queering these forms, they create work that challenges rigidity and encourages radical empathy. They have participated in artist residencies at EMPAC, Velocity Dance Center, and Studio Current, and have worked for artists such as Kota Yamazaki, Dana Reitz, Elena Demyanenko, Wade Madsen, Heather Kravas, LanDforms, and Morgan Thorson.

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Land Acknowledgement 

We would like to acknowledge that we are on the traditional land of the first people of Seattle, the Coast Salish people past and present, and honor with gratitude the land itself and the Coast Salish people.

We would also like to express gratitude to Washington Hall and recognize its history as a meeting place for many people of color throughout its history.