Drama Tops, this is for you

Jan 28-30 / 7:30pm
Washington Hall
Tickets $25 Standard / $15 Subsidized 


Toxic masculinity is splayed open and gutted using queer humor. The potential beauty of masculinity is revealed through tenderness and empathy. Past, present, and future are woven together with strands of memory and longing. Identity is embodied through relationships between parts of a whole. 

Creator and Performer: Elby Brosch
Co-Choreographer and Performer: Shane Donohue
Performer: Jordan Macintosh-Hougham
Co-Director: BenDeLaCreme
Creative Producer: Tonya Lockyer

Photo Credit: Dillon Webster

Falling Short

A transman’s playfully tragic exploration of 90s masculinity, the failing veneer of perfected manhood. Who is the man I was never supposed to be?

Premiered in Northwest New Works Festival at On The Boards in June, 2018

Choreographer: Elby Brosch

Dancers: Elby Brosch and Shane Donohue

Photo Credit: Dillon Webster

Implied Forever

A solo on two bodies that explores carving out identity in relationship to others utilizing both speech and movement.

Premiered in This That & The Other, Co-Produced by Elby Brosch, Liz Houlton, and Alyza DelPan-Monley at Velocity Dance Center in May 2017.

Choreographer: Elby Brosch

Dancers: Elby Brosch and Shane Donohue

Photo Credit: ⒸKarina Richardson Photography

Photo Credit: Jenny May Peterson

It's Only Right

I offer my queer and trans body, as compulsory other, as object, as battering ram for the walls between us, as shadow that can slip onto and under our barriers, as a gift to be unwrapped if you choose. I ask to be seen, for the imprint of my movement to enter your memory, where it can dance amongst your past, tickle your identity, and bring us one step closer to connection.

Premiered at Seattle International Dance Festival in June 2016.

Choreographer: Elby Brosch
Dancer: Elby Brosch
Sound Designer: Markeith Wiley 

Baby, Look Me in the Heart

Responding to the festival's theme of Utopia, the work strives for connection and loss of otherness. 

Premiered in Next Fest Northwest at Velocity Dance Center in Dec 2015.

Choreographer: Elby Brosch

Dancer: Elby Brosch

Photo Credit: Tim Summers